"Offering a different path of empowerment through age related transitions"

About Age Is Not A Factor

You will love how easy and simple going live is. The women I have had on my show were very relaxed and at ease. They talked about themselves and their businesses with joy. The platform I use is not a facebook live like you’ve ever seen before! While utilizing Be.Live TV, as host and guest, we are side by side in real time. With plenty of room four seats can be open at one time! You will be amazed just how awesome and fun the experience of going live can be!

My story is pretty simple. After years of being online I saw a need for woman who either just started a business online, or the woman who like myself seeking new trends, such is video and and other techie stuff. Our lives are not over yet and showcasing women within my age group is what I love to do!

My Guest Miriam Vineyard-The Lies We Tell Ourselves 

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Oh did I mention? I’m your Paparazzi lady! I receive so much joy in showing and talking about our wonderful gems to women and help you feel confident in choosing jewelry that will match your tastes and style, from everyday wear to special occasions.

Just for $5.00 – Lead & Nickel Free!!